About us

BaltClem Ltd. is an integral part of the CLEMCO concern.

CLEMCO manufactures blasting equipment and accessories for abrading surfaces prior to painting. CLEMCO possesses a network of branches, patentees and independent distributors selling the above equipment around the globe.

CLEMCO European headquarters are situated in Munich, Germany. It is this office that coordinates manufacturing and distribution of products across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Representation in Denmark, serves customers in Scandinavia.

BaltClem Ltd. is the official representative and direct supplier of the Clemco International GmbH and may sell, service and install equipment of CLEMCO and MUNKEBO brands with direct preservation of guarantees provided by the manufacturer. We are working on the Russian market for 10 years.

We offer a full range of equipment and services:

  • Clemco Blast machines;

  • Ventilating equipment to be installed in workshops, and namely blasting and painting MUNKEBO equipment;

  • Drying equipment (to be utilized indoors);

  • Painting equipment – WIWA (Germany), GRACO (Belgium);

  • Compressors (CompAir, AtlasCopco, diesel and electric, new one and also used) ;

  • Sempirit blast houses, Exitflex paint houses;

  • Protective equipment;

  • Installation of combined protection (water + abrasive), as well as cleaning plant surfaces with water under high pressure;

  • Blast cabinets of ZERO;

  • Cleaning and painting of pipes as well design and installation of automatic and semiautomatic lines;

  • Metallizing (gas and electric);

  • Measuring equipment – ELCOMETER;

  • Various kinds of abrasive of Ervin Amasteel (England)

Our clients are the energy, shipbuilding, ship repair, metallurgy, engineering, construction and transport industries.


Why choose BaltClem Ltd.?


Весаuse its business is based on the following principles: 

  • Pursuit of long-term mutually beneficial relations;

  • Prompt high-quality service;

  • Customized approach to each client;

  • Trust and commitment are the foundations of relationships with customers.